NO7: We Unite To Heal Our Souls! out now

We are sharing the piece out of solidarity and respect for each other.
All income goes to the Shipibo-Conibo Community to help to provide basic medical care in the fight against Corona.
While the situation in other parts of the world is stabilizing, the people in Ucayali are left to fend for themselves.
Some years ago Rawa Munoz and Andi recorded this song together in Peru. Rawa is a singer and artist and part of the Shipibo-Conibo community in the Amazon area of Ucayali.
Our old friend Acid Pauli surprised us with these wonderful remixes.
The piece is an ikaro, a traditional healing song, framed with electronic interactions. The icaro is part of an ancient tradition that the Amazonian Shipibo Konibo communities use in the ceremonies, as part of a healing ritual. This song is a sacred vibration, a song that carries a message of love that unites, cheers and heals our bodies and souls.

We are happy to receive donations, feedback and kindly ask you to spread the word about the song and the call for donations.

Mastering contributed by Helmut Erler, Berlin
Cover Painting: Rawa Muñoz
Coordination Peru: Vicho Castillo
Coordination Germany: Noland, Gebrüder Teichmann
In Association with Asociación Civil Despensa Amazónica