Wura Samba & Gebrüder Teichmann

Gebrüder Teichmann & Wura Samba combine the energy of Wura Sambas Yoruba drumming and chants with jacking raw analogue live electronic, live sampling and processing by Gebrüder Teichmann Together they create an energetic trip full of playfullness, improvisation and direct communication in order to dance.
The Nigerian Yoruba percussionist and singer Wura Samba and Berlins electronic multi-talents Gebrüder Teichmann met in Lagos, Nigeria through the TEN CITIES Project, where they were producing music together with Bristols Pinch, Rob Smith and Perera Elsewhere. After their debut on Soundway Records (V.A. – Ten Cities) and the „2 Cities / Berlin – Lagos“ EP on NOLAND they have started performing as a trio right before the pandemic. Their new EP GUDUGUDU features two keytracks of their live sets: Iba Eledua by Wura Samba and an interpetation of Eniyan Biaparo by Tunji Oyelano.
Wura Samba
Abiodun „Wurasamba“ Oke leads the 7-man Yoruba traditional Drum ensemble- „Wurasamba“. The name Wurasamba is derived from the combination of the Yoruba word for gold and the samba drums. Oke is an accomplished percussionist, who has performed with some of Nigeria and Africa’s finest musicians. He has toured with superstar- Keziah Jones, singer Nneka, Salvador Sango, Ade Bantu, Jimi Solanke, Tunde Jegede and many others.
His specialist Instrument is the complex multi-tonal traditional drum set- the „Sambabe“ drums. He also performs via the media of djembe, congas and other percussive Instruments. His style is characterised by a deep adherence to complex Yoruba traditional religious themes. This is comprised of chants, led by Oke, with backing vocal support- with Oke’s high energy, drum displays.
Gebrüder Teichmann
Togetherness is the driving force for GEBRÜDER TEICHMANN and their extremely versatile activities. In the minds of Andi and Hannes Teichmann, music is a playground, a network of interdependent improvised DIY scenes.
Their approach turns a club or a concert venue into a meeting ground, forming a temporary space for shared ear-opening experiences. In Berlin alone, you can list Suicide Circus, Staatsoper, Berghain, HAU and Hamburger Bahnhof as places where GEBRÜDER TEICHMANN allowed for this kind of exchange to happen. Their DJ sets reflect social and sonic relations, resonating experiences over continents and traditions. They push borders, are always in the making, never finished, never done. Between the two of them and their communication with the audience, the Teichmanns prefer anarchic motion over pilots.
But their vision is a global one: establishing grassroots connections from Pakistan to Angola, Sri Lanka to Mexico, taking in influences from Chicago house to contemporary music and electro-acoustic experiments. Noland–the name of Teichmann’s label – couldn’t reflect this approach any better.“ Arno Raffeiner / 2022