NOLAND is not about global and local, not about identity, not about diversity and not about North and South cooperation.

NOLAND is about a constellation of individuals, of identities, about laughing, arguing and the cosmic beauty of making music together in space which has no map, no grid and no rules.

NOLAND is a space of utopic intentions, based on a shared love of music, founded on a belief that working together is a fundamental process and rooted in the trust that collaboration and friendship create own spaces of existence and being.

NOLAND builds temporary, interstitial spaces of independence, in a world which is increasingly under permanent, commercial surveillance.

NOLAND grows from the Gebrüder Teichmann’s deep roots in the Techno Underground and DIY culture of the 90s, has been nurtured by recent fertile projects such as BLNRB and Ten Cities, and extends outwards towards a constellation of ongoing and future projects.

NOLAND is not ambitious to win, but to change; not to make you look in the mirror, to make you look behind the mirror.