NO9: Robyn Schulkowsky & Gebrüder Teichmann – Time Bends

Robyn Schulkowsky & Gebrüder Teichmann

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A1 Mystery Slime
B1 Loose Cycling
B2 Kreuzwort
C1 Offline Communications 4
C2 Offline Communications 10
C3 Offline Communications 1
C4 Interdependencies
D1 Triple Exposure All music by Robyn Schulkowsky, Andi und Hannes Teichmann.
recorded from 17.03. – 20.03.21 in Berlin played and recorded in real time.
no overdubs. Robyn Schulkowsky – Percussion Hannes & Andi Teichmann – Electronic, Live Sampling & Processing
Produced by Joey Baron
Liner Notes: Roland Schimmelpfennig
Audioengineer: Adrian von Ripka
Fotos & Artwork: Brenda Alamilla Label: NOLAND
Cat: NO9

Title: Time Bends
Artist: Robyn Schulkowsky,,
Gebrüder Teichmann
Format: 2×12“ (gatefold), digital, stream Release: digital 15.07.22, vinyl 29.07.22 Contact: C+P Noland 2022
catalogue NO9
LC: 33274
published by Edition Badbank
Gefördert von Initiative Musik, Neustart Kultur, Beauftragte für Kultur und Medien

Why say anything at all?
Why not just listen?
Turn up the volume and look how time bends before your eyes because that is what Robyn Schulkowsky and Andi and Hannes Teichmann do with their music.
They bend time.
They make a ring out of it or some sort of ellipse, and then they pull it straight again, they transform it into a rope, and then,
of course, they balance on it, forwards, backwards, half speed, double speed,
33 rounds per minute, or was it 45?
Just try both. World percussion meets Techno and Berlin club culture, one might be tempted to say. One would be wrong to do so. This is not just crossover, this is just not an „encounter“ between different generations, different experiences, different cultures, traditions and attitudes and form asossations of expressions, or, to put it in a more simple way, an „encounter“ between drums and gongs and bells and stones and on the other side hardware-electronic and sequencing, delay and reverb. This is far more complex. No need to put a label on it.

by Roland Schimmelpfennig / excerpt