NO11: Rph & Kins of Spade – Hope/Currency

Record Details


“Hope/Currency” is a collaboration between rPH, electronic music producer/Dj and poet/spoken word artist Kins of Spade, both from Nairobi, Kenya. The project is a comment on Kenya’s evangelical Christian culture, a force that exerts immense influence on the society and one that they have both experienced quite intimately, having grown up in religious families. Sampling publicly available utterances by popular evangelical figures as well as some bizarre but increasingly outspoken characters from the more extreme fringes of the church, the duo add critical, forthright words by Kins and gritty, off-beat production by rPh to make their statement.

The result is a 5-track compilation covering the subjects of personality cults, sexual and financial exploitation, political ambition and power. It is set for digital-only release in May 2023 by the Berlin-based independent label Noland ( The team has released two previous works by rPH under his original moniker Dj Raph, his full-length debut album (digital, CD and vinyl) and Citysynthesis
(digital only), an experimental project in collaboration with sound artist Sophia Bauer.