No 01 – Karachi Files

Noland 01 is ready to hit planet Earth.
Please join our final listening session during Soundcamp Karachi and get a first impression of the forthcoming Album: Karachi Files.

Alien Panda Jury, Karachi
Arttu (AKA Lump), Berlin
Dynoman, Karachi
Gebrüder Teichmann, Berlin
Menimal, Maldives
Natasha Humera Ejaz, Karachi
Ramsha Shakeel, Toronto / Karachi
Rudoh, Karachi
rRoxymore, Montpellier / Berlin
Taprikk Sweezee, Hamburg
Tollcrane, Karachi

Title: Karachi Files
Artist: Karachi Files
Label: Noland
CAT No.: NO1
Release Date: 27 May 2016
Format: 2 x 12”, CD & Digital

In May 2015, an assortment of electronic musicians from Pakistan, the Maldives and Germany followed the footsteps of brothers Hannes and Andi Teichmann, otherwise known as Gebrüder Teichmann, the Forever South crew and the Goethe-Institut to meet in Karachi; Pakistan’s industrial capital, harbored on the Arabian Sea.
A house was remolded into a temporary recording studio. It would become a place to meet, inspire and be inspired, record, play, eat and sometimes sleep. Musicians, together with a photographer convened, and the outcome of two weeks would transpire into the Karachi Files.
Karachi Files, a textural collection of electronic fused works is a mélange of different cultural, immersed in a fixed space, of which predestined inspiration was taken from its surroundings. The corpulent body of work harmonizes a balance in the elements, delivering a variety of tracks, from electronic club music to electro acoustic experiments, particularly textured including a few more slowmo and raw.
Following the African European Ten Cities project and it´s album release on Soundway in 2014, Karachi Files will be the first release on the Teichmann brother’s new label Noland.

On the 14 of May 2016 the Karachi Files will perform live at Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, as part of the „From Inside To Way Out“ Festival, which is showing different perspectives from the contempary Pakistan:…ide-to-way-out

All music was recorded during Soundcamp Karachi in May 2015, a project hosted by Goethe-Institut in cooperation with Curated and directed by Andi & Hannes Teichmann, Haamid Rahim and Bilal Khan.
NOLAND 2016, marketed by Random Noize Musick GmBH. All photography by Pablo Lauf, cover design by Brenda Alamilla.
Cover-Photo: Mohamed Sadek, Security Guard from Soundcamp Karachi by Pablo Lauf

hello world!

„Electronic musicians are citizens of the world, they don’t hide behind national identities, they are constantly moving, traveling, they absorb details about cultures that most people miss. All this is reflected in the music they produce.

The real value of the modern electronic artist lies in his/her experience in the non-virtual world and not in social media stats, Spotify plays or Youtube views. This data has proven to be empty and useless and rarely reflects musical quality. We might look back to this development over the last years in the near future and we will understand that the so often praised technology was perhaps more a confused misstep by tech giants.

That’s another topic but while many musicians find themselves stuck somewhere in between the old structure and the ’new‘, feeling that it’s pointless to produce for it, Gebrüder Teichmann understood this early and started going into new terrains, went to places in the world most music fans were not even aware of. They lived this since years now.
It’s not about a traditional release of an album or a single anymore, it’s about constantly creating, translating what they experience in all those places into music. More and more people are waking up to this new way of experiencing music.

It happens outside of the traditional music industry structure. My advice: Watch what these guys are onto. Support those who explore and not those who stagnate. You will be rewarded in the end. Join them on their journey.“

Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot)