Robyn Schulkowsky / Gebrüder Teichmann / Ramsha

Robyn Schulkowsky, percussion
Ramsha Shakeel, guitar + digital processing
Gebrüder Teichmann, live electronics + sampling

Schulkowsky / Teichmann / Shakeel: Interdependencies
Has anyone ever witnessed the birth of a language? Robyn Schulkowsky, the Gebrüder Teichmann (Teichmann Brothers) and Ramsha Shakeel invite you to do just that. join them on their quest for a new form of communication.

Schulkowsky is one of the most renowned representatives of contemporary music. She has worked as a percussionist with the likes of John Cage and Morton Feldman, as well with classical ensembles and vanguard jazz artists. Brothers Andi und Hannes Teichmann have their roots in international club culture. It has not only taught them to think in structures and concepts, but also to see the connections between different traditions. Their instrumentarium is techno; their method, experimental; their goal, to discover what has never been heard before.

Schulkowsky and the Teichmanns first collaborated at a concert in September 2017. Since then, the trio has intensified its electroacoustic dialogue, which at times is open to the impulses of other musicians and interaction with the audience.
Guitarist and computer musician Ramsha Shakeel expands the vocabulary of Schulkowsky / Teichmann even further to become an encounter between three generations and three musical worlds: acoustics and improvisation, hardware electronics and sequencing, digital processes and synergism. It results in a three-dimensional music that overcomes the “alongside-each-other” often noted in crossover projects. On equal footing, everything will be woven together and mutually defining. 

Thus, Robyn Schulkowsky, the Gebrüder Teichmann and Ramsha Shakeel are exploring a place for musical and social exchange that does without codes determined by a specific scene or genre. Closed spaces are opened and transcended.
Systems are questioned in order to test new ones. Breaking parameters, such as the strict regime of meter, they transfer rhythm and sound to a free realm. And so a kind of music emerges that in a collective act discards false opposites: improvisation versus composition; concert hall versus club. It becomes previous while still remaining remarkably solid.

Interview with Neue Musik Zeitung (in german only) 7/2019 – 68. Jahrgang

Interdependencies live at Resonanzraum Hamburg, November 2019

Schulkowsky / Teichmann live at Audiovisionen Berlin September 2017